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End of Scandinavian tour, beginning of tour to China



<p>On the 1st of December in Tampere (Finland) we finished our big Scandinavian tour.  Like all other ballet performances in this tour, the show was sold out, there were 1,600 spectators. Critics and audiences have recognized that the tour had a great success.</p>

<p>And on the 3rd of December ballet troupe went on an extensive tour to China. December 5, the first performance in Shanghai took place. Performances of the famous St. Petersburg Theatre "Russian Ballet" will be held in the cities Nantong, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Nanchang, Guangzhou and other.</p><br />
<p>Theater "Russian Ballet" is already familiar to the Chinese people. For the third year the troupe travels to this friendly country. Each time the audience look forward to performances of artists. Performances will be held in the best theaters in China. For the first time the Chinese audience will see the ballet "Nutcracker". Also according to tradition we'll perform unforgettable performance "Swan Lake" - real masterpiece of Russian classical ballet.</p>