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<p>First performances of the famous Saint-Petersburg Theatre "Russian Ballet", founded in 1990, took place in Slovakia: in cities Poprad, Lucenec,  Košice.</p>

Artists of the theater were happy to visit these wonderful cities and present one of the most beautiful, bright and well-known productions of classical ballet - performance "The Sleeping Beauty" to the music of the great Russian composer Tchaikovsky. Version of the play performed by the St. Petersburg Theatre "Russian Ballet" is considered one of the best in Russia. The troupe carefully preserves the original choreography, classical canons and performs at the highest professional level. Spectators in Slovakia, who managed to see the ballet, fully appreciated the skill of artists with a standing ovation and a warm welcome. Public was also impressed by the brightness of the play - colorful painted decorations, as well as designer costumes made by sketches of famous theater artists.

The mayors of Poprad, Lucenec, Kosice attended the performance. The tour was made possible thanks to the energy and organizational talent of the General Consul of the Slovak Republic in St. Petersburg Čisár Augustín , with the support of the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko. Establishment of cultural relations - one of the priorities in the development of international cooperation between Slovakia and Russia. The arrival of the St. Petersburg Theatre "Russian Ballet" in Slovakia has become a significant event in the cultural life of Poprad, Lucenec and Kosice. People in Slovakia are very interested in the culture of Russia.

Administration of the St. Petersburg Theatre "Russian Ballet" represented by the Director of the Theatre Bragina L.M. would like to thank: the General Consul of Slovakia in Saint-Petersburg Mr. Čisár Augustín , Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko, Mayor Poprad Anton Danko, Mayor Lucenec Alexandrz Pivkova, Mayor of Košice Richard Raši . And thanks to all spectators for the warm welcome and a standing ovation!